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Vagina Winks

The Vagina Winks - a girl's new diamond.

You’re probably still questioning what in the world is a vagina wink? You’re not alone there.

Some might say Vagina Winks are just Kegels. I say they are way more than that. They are the new girl’s best friend. 

Let me explain

When we’re trying to teach someone how to connect to their pelvic floor muscles and get them activated we use different cues to help you visualise what’s going on. This is turn help you connect to your own pelvic floor muscles.

Vagina Winks as a term started from one of these sessions with a client of mine. She was struggling and I was going through the list of cues that I use at times and just said you know “like your vagina is winking”. And she got it. And now I use it all the time. I love it even more because it makes people smile or laugh and we could all do with a little more of that in life.

Do you want to stop your leakage, learn how to activate and control your pelvic floor muscles and have the best sex ever? Then you’re in the right place…

Vagina winks are also the start of our functional pelvic floor programs. It is the easiest exercise to start with to get your brain connecting to your muscles. Fast pulses of your muscles to get them activated to your 100% and to relax them 100%. Don’t worry so much about the breathing with vagina winks – because they are fast just let your breath rise and fall naturally.

Grab the Vagina Wink Guide to get a pdf and a video link to do them with me.


Because we’re using the word vagina it helps women from just clenching their bottom to get their pelvic floor muscles working. That’s not an effective pelvic floor strategy. Vagina winks allow you to visualise what’s going on which impacts your brain and muscle connection the most. 

So how do they help with sex? well you might also feel a little aroused after doing these exercises. That’s very normal and using the pelvic floor muscles like this in a fast acting pulse you are sending blood flow to your clitoris to enhance your arousal levels. This is another reason why I like giving this exercise to women who are having pain or trouble with sex. To enhance arousal but also to teach them how to relax their muscles in preparation for sex.

So why did I call them Vagina Winks? 

Well I like a little fun in life and I wanted something that you would remember. Everyone is over doing their “kegels” at traffic lights and not getting results. Vagina winks are effective, easy and quick especially when you do them as part of our functional pelvic floor programs. 

If you’re struggling to get the connection between your brain and your muscles here are some other cues I use to help women:

  • Pursing your lips

  • Curling your toes

  • Imagining a straw is inserted in your vagina and you’re holding onto it and pulling it inside

  • Holding onto a tampon

  • Feeling like you’re stopping yourself urinating. (Don’t practice with actually stopping your urine just the feeling of it)

  • Putting a hand on top of your vagina to get the feel of your front passage

  • Stopping a fart from coming out – use this one after you have got the initial front passage feeling first etc.

Vagina winks are super easy, simple, and they take no time at all.

If you’ve been struggling to activate your pelvic floor muscles or just want an easy fun exercise grab our Vagina Winks Guide with the link for the exercise video. 

P.s There’s also something for the men in your life but obviously it won’t be their vagina that’s winking…  Read More

Vagina Winks

Find out why our Vagina Winks are the first step to stopping your leakage and having better sex!

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