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What do I do?

PPF Strength System for Pregnancy

If you haven’t read your Pelvic Floor Guide or your Exercise Guide you can find them in your Introduction Session on your left.

Next start with the Introduction sessions 1-3 on your left.

Followed by the video that correlates to the number of weeks pregnant you are.

Remember consistency is key and I’m here with you all the way…..

​Keep at it and your body will be ready for labour!

New Mum Recovery

What do I do?

New Mum Recovery Program

Please read your Pelvic Floor Guide and your Exercise Guide before you start your exercises.

Next start with week 1 of your program. Continue week by week even if you miss a session. Go at your own pace. 

For best results complete all 10 exercise videos 3 times/week. 

Pelvic Floor Calendar

Grab your calendar here! 
Fill out your goals, what might stop you from achieving your goals and what will you do when that arises.
Then mark off what days you do your pelvic floor exercise sessions. 

Vagina Winks

Find out why our Vagina Winks are the first step to stopping your leakage and having better sex!

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