Stop your leakage at any age with our pelvic floor perfection program

Pelvic floor exercises for women

Stop your leakage once and for all

  • Struggling to exercise without leakage?
  • Can’t run or jump on the trampoline without leaking?
  • Can’t remember your exercises?
  • Not getting results with your keels at the traffic lights?
  • I’m sick of having to cross my legs when I sneeze
  • Back pain?
  • I pee when I jump or sneeze!

It’s never too late for pelvic floor exercises for women

Is This You?

  • Have you had a baby 5 years ago? Or 25 years ago?
  • Haven’t had children but feel like you need to go to the toilet all the time?
  • Wearing “just in case” pads?
  • Feeling flabby in your tummy?
  • Have a prolapse
  • Wouldn’t dream of getting on a trampoline again!
  • Sex, what sex life?
Woman exercising her core and buttock muscles

Feeling like this is normal and you just have to live with it?

No, you don’t have to accept this!
With the right exercises and consistency you can be active & confident.
Lady being instructed in a pelvic floor exercise for women by physiotherapist Mel Platt
  • No more leakage​
  • Exercise freely​
  • Jump on the trampoline without embarrassment​
  • Live a pad free life​
  • Run after your children or grandchildren
  • Core muscles the way you have always wanted​

Stop your leakage with these simple and effective pelvic floor exercises for women from home.

Pelvic Floor Exercises for women

Don’t know where to start?
We make it easy with our Pelvic Floor Perfection Program

If you’ve had your children 5 years ago or 25 years ago, or you haven’t had children at all yet, we have the solution to stop your leakage. To be free from looking for a toilet and to be able to exercise how you want to. Get your pelvic floor muscles working for you like you’ve always wanted.

Physio Melanie Platt posing for Pelvic Floor Perfection program

Convenient options to suit your needs

You also get exclusive access to

Perfect Pelvic Floor coach demonstrating stretches

Stretch And Relax

Healthy smoothie recipe

Healthy Recipes

Coach helping client with pelvic floor exercises for women

Challenge Section

Lady conducting pelvic floor exercise by squatting with ball between knees

Technique Section

Hi, I’m Mel

After seeing many women in the clinic struggling to get back to a life they once loved after having children, I knew they needed an easier solution to feel strong and confident in their pelvic floor. Using my clinical pilates experience along with my pelvic floor education and training I designed a program to help women find their pelvic floor, teach them what it feels like, and strengthen it.

Physio Mel Platt in training wear holding a yoga mat

Recap of what you get….

  • Results in as little as 3 exercises/day
  • Exercise from the comfort of your own home
  • The Ultimate Pelvic Floor Guide
  • Exercise Guide so you know what you’re doing
  • Customised reminders so you never miss a workout again
  • Save your favourite exercises
  • Free trial – then 1 month, 3 months or 12 month options to meet your needs
  • Expert Physio advice to help you feel confident in your exercises
  • Pilates style exercises
  • All programs have access to stretching & relaxation, healthy recipes for a healthy lifestyle, challenge & technique sections
Pelvice exercises for women client sitting on the floor with Physiotherapist Mel Platt

Learn how to do your exercises properly and see results.

What are you waiting for?

Our Pelvic Floor Exercises For Women program is designed to get your pelvic floor and core working to stop your leakage, have the core you have always wanted without the mummy tummy and be free to exercise how ever you want to.


Yes the women’s pelvic floor perfection program is designed for women who have had children 5 years ago through to 60 years ago. It’s never too late to start exercising your pelvic floor muscles.

Yes! As the muscle help to lift the pelvic organs by learning to activate your pelvic floor muscles and building the endurance strength you can help reduce your prolapse and reduce your symptoms of prolapse. Eg leakage/incontinence.

Absolutely. Our programs are targeting your core muscles including your pelvic floor to make your muscles stronger to support your body and get rid of your mummy tummy.

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