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Hi I’m Melanie. A Physiotherapist for over 15 years from Australia. I have a passion for helping people succeed and I chose to do this in 2 areas of Physiotherapy; Women’s health and in Sport.

Not long into my career everyone kept telling me I had to choose my area of specialty, this never sat well with me as I loved sport and I knew women needed more help with their pelvic floor within their motherhood journey and in sport. So I decided to do both.

After leaving my Physiotherapy and Pilates clinic in 2013 I moved my pilates classes for pregnant women and new mum’s online so I could reach more women who needed help.

This is where Perfect Pelvic Floor Started. It has grown now to include a men’s program and an everyday women’s program. There are so many people around the world who don’t have access to health care and it’s my mission to reach as many of them as I can.

On the sports side of things; I’ve been blessed to work in tennis for over 8 years which included the US Open, the Australian Open and the Tokyo Paralympics with wheelchair tennis. At the end of the day athletes are just human beings needing core and pelvis stability just like the rest of us.

Physiotherapist and owner of Perfec Pelvic Floor, Melanie Platt holding a yoga mat

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Frustrated with the lack of education and advice for pregnant women and mum’s, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Using my clinical pilates experience along with my pelvic floor education and training I designed a program to help women find their pelvic floor, teach them what it feels like, and strengthen it.
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