Stop your leakage with 3 exercise/day and live the life you’ve always wanted to.

  • Are you struggling to exercise without leaking?
  • Are you always looking for the next toilet?
  • Are you embarrassed to laugh or sneeze just in case you wee?
  • Are you Pregnant?
  • Or a time poor mum struggling to feel good again?
  • Or are you having leakage after prostate surgery?

Then we have a quick & easy solution for you

To sneeze, cough & laugh without embarrassment
To have the core you’ve always wanted
To not have to look for the toilet everywhere you go
To not have the “just in case” wee before you leave the house

With our expert guided videos you will know how to stop your leakage once and for all

Hear what our customers are saying

"I noticed a significant reduction in my leakage while playing netball after only 3 days of consistent pelvic floor exercises."
(mum of 4 month old)
"With other so called "Kegel exercises" I was never able to feel that proper pelvic floor lift like I did when following PPF"
(mum of 2)

How Strong Are You?

Our Pelvic Floor Solutions

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Pregnancy Program

Keeping you strong, healthy and preparing you for labour during your 2nd and 3rd trimester. It’s a well known fact that knowing how to actively use your pelvic floor muscles can help make your labour easier, shorter and help you recover faster.

New Mum Program

If you’ve given birth last week or 4 years ago we have the solution for you. Our beginners program helps you in that early post partum phase up to 6 months to stop your leakage and start your core again. Our intermediate program is for 6 months to 5 years post partum to help you get motivated and accountable with 3 exercises/day.

Pelvic Floor Perfection

If you’ve had your children 5 years ago or 25 years ago or you haven’t had children at all or yet, we have the solution to stop your leakage. To be free from looking for a toilet and to be able to exercise how you want to. Get your pelvic floor muscles working for you like you’ve always wanted.

Pelvic Floor for Men

If you’re having leakage after prostate surgery or preparing for prostate surgery we have you covered. A program designed specially for men to stop your leakage and get you back to living your life.

Convenient options to suit your needs

You also get exclusive access to

Stretch And Relax

Healthy Recipes

Challenge Section

Technique Section

Avoid leakage, feel strong and prepared for labour

Our Pregnancy Strength system is easy to follow with video instructions to prepare you for labour and beyond.

Reduce your abdominal separation & stop your leakage

Our proven 30 day method will help you lose your baby belly and stop your leakage. Even if you don’t feel like you have time to exercise.

Support & Motivation

We are able to offer every yoga training with experienced & best yoga trainer.

Experience Trainers

We are able to offer every yoga training with experienced & best yoga trainer.

Improves Flexibility

We are able to offer every yoga training with experienced & best yoga trainer.

Supportive Community

We are able to offer every yoga training with experienced & best yoga trainer.


Hear What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Perfect Pelvic Floor Exercise Programs


Hear What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Perfect Pelvic Floor Exercise Programs

  • I have some leakage before I make it to the toilet
  • I pee when I jump or sneeze
  • I feel a heaviness down below
  • I don’t know if I’m doing pelvic floor exercise right
  • I have back pain
  • Having sex hurts
  • I have some leakage after I go to the toilet

PPF Has A Unique 3 Step Process To Make It Easy For You!


  • Finding Your Pelvic Floor
  • Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor
  • Owning Your Pelvic Floor​​

Our Pelvic Floor Solutions

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Perfect Pelvic Floor’s programs are designed for you.
​To finally know where your pelvic floor is. To build strong pelvic floor muscles with control and support. Moving through the initial stages of strength into functional based exercises where your pelvic floor works for you.

Start Training With Me

Hi I’m Melanie, a pelvic floor physiotherapist from Australia. I love helping people overcome their core and pelvic floor issues. With over 12 years experience with pelvic floor and pilates, I know how to help you.


  • Expert physiotherapy exercises that are safe for your stage of life
  • Exercise Guides so you know exactly what to do
  • Exercise from the comfort of your home with our PPF App

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Your pelvic floor is a group of 4 muscles that lie deep within your pelvis. Your pelvic floor muscles help to close off your urethra (where urine comes out), your vagina and your anus. The muscles wrap around these 3 openings helping to control them. They also help to keep your pelvic organs lifted inside and enhance sexual sensation by pumping blood to your clitoris. They also have a huge role during labour to help guide your baby into your birth canal which can make your labour faster and easier. Who wouldn’t want that!

Your pelvic floor muscles attach at your pubic bone at the front and your tail bone at the back. Running like a sling or hammock between your legs. As your muscles contract (squeezing them) they shorten which gives a closing and lifting sensation around the opening of your vagina. 

Yes essentially they are the same thing. Although different countries use the different terminology. Dr Arnold Kegel back in the 1940’s was an American gynaecologist who first used the term “Kegel” to describe and research pelvic floor exercises as a non surgical approach to pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence. Here in Australia we use the term pelvic floor muscles and pelvic floor exercises.

Yes! As the muscle help to lift the pelvic organs by learning to activate your pelvic floor muscles and building the endurance strength you can help reduce your prolapse and reduce your symptoms of prolapse. Eg leakage/incontinence.

Absolutely yes! Pelvic Floor muscles are one of the most important muscles in the body that you can strengthen and have working for you for the rest of your life! They help you with so many things and often without you realising it until there is a problem. Eg they keep your pelvic organs lifted but you may not know that until you have a weakness after having a baby and end up with a prolapse and leakage. So why wouldn’t you want to do simple pelvic floor exercises, to keep them strong and functioning so you live a happy and confident life. 

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