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Self Care for Your Pelvic Floor

Self care is a hot topic right now but have you thought about how to self care for your pelvic floor muscles and pelvic area? 

So here they are: My hot tips to keep your pelvic floor and lady bits working well and feeling amazing!

In General:

  • No soaps/moisturisers with chemicals – can irritate and cause infections.
  • Pelvic Floor Exercises regularly – start with one of our pelvic floor and core programs see results within 2 weeks. See Programs 
  • No straining to urinate or do number 2’s – This puts extra pressure on your pelvic floor muscles with and increase in your intra-abdominal pressure downwards. This can lead to a pelvic floor dysfunction or to a risk of prolapse. Instead lean forwards, lift up your heel so you’re on your toes and relax your muscles. 
  • Pelvic floor muscles activated and on when doing other weights or lifting anything including your baby. This is where you reach a functional level of pelvic floor control. It will make you feel stronger and also protect you from a possible pelvic floor dysfunction or risk of prolapse. 
  • Good quality collagen for type 1 and II fibres to help improve the quality of your muscles and ligaments surrounding your pelvic floor. Like my favourite here

Pregnancy & Birth

  • Ice Pads after birth or Padsicles – to help with the healing process and reduce any swelling. Spray your pad with water and witch hazel (distilled – avoid any that have alcohol in them) if you like, fold the pad back up and freeze in a freezer bag. Let them thaw for a few minutes prior to use, then use up to 10 minutes every hour as needed in the first 24-36 hours after birth. 
  • Warm compress during pregnancy – helps your tissue relax prior to labour. 
  • Perineum massage during late stage of pregnancy (after 35 weeks) to reduce your risk and severity of tearing during labour. Gently and with clean hands and natural based lubricant. Check with your health professional if this is applicable to you first. Tiny Hearts Education have a great run down on how to here 


  • Well lubricated before sex – we know that the pelvic floor muscles help with stimulation to the clitoris and can increase arousal. So try doing some pelvic floor exercises before having sex. Other options include using a natural based lubricant. Eg Olive & Bee Intimate Cream
  • Urinate after sex – can help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections which due to the increase in frequency of urination and the acidity can affect your pelvic floor muscle function. 


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