Our pelvic floor exercises for pregnancy are easy to follow with video instructions to prepare you for labour and beyond. You know you’re in safe hands with us.

  • Worried about how your body will cope with pregnancy?
  • Unsure what exercises are safe for you?
  • Wanting to make your pregnancy as healthy as possible?
  • Worried about your body changing?
  • Looking to prepare your body for labour?
  • Not sure if you’re doing your pelvic floor exercises right?
  • Needing some accountability to stick to your exercises?
  • Having back or pelvic pain?
  • Feeling the pressure of everything? 

We hear you!

We not only teach you how to strengthen your pelvic floor but also how to relax it to help with the process of labour. Making labour easier & quicker for you. Meaning you can recover faster and enjoy your baby.

Are you worried about how your body will look and feel after being pregnant?
Are you wanting to exercise but you don't know what's safe while pregnant?

You're Not Alone

Join our PPF Pregnancy Strength System anytime during your Trimester 2 or 3.

  • Daily Core & Pelvic Floor Exercises– Simple & effective to keep youleak free and strong for labour & beyond.
  • Step by step exercise video’s – So you know exactly what to do.
  • Safe exercises for trimester 2 and 3 – Simple and effective regardless of your starting point.
  • “The secrets to safe exercise during pregnancy” guide – So you know you and your baby are safe while exercising.
  • “Your Ultimate Pelvic Floor Guide” – The complete guide to understanding your pelvic floor.
  • Reduce your risk of having pelvic floor issues after birth – Learn the right things to do to feel strong and healthy.
  • Exclusive access to your program in your app for 1 month, 3 months or 12 months.
  • The option of both Pregnancy and New Mum programs with our 12 month subscription.
  • Learn how to have an easier labour – Expert advice on massage & breathing exercises to help you through labour and recover faster.
  • Pregnancy stretches where your body needs it most – Helping your body relax and unwind with safe pregnancy stretches.

Our Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Solutions

Choose a 1 month, 3 month or 12 month subscription and start in either trimester 2 or 3.

With our 12 months subscription you will also get access to our new mum program so you can keep the results going.

Feeling strong and confident during your pregnancy and ready for labour! Now you can…Get Started.

Our Programs

Imagine feeling strong and confident during your pregnancy and ready for labour!

Now you can with our Pregnancy Program

Trimester 2 or Trimester 3.

Choose a
 1 month, 3 month or 12 month subscription and start in either trimester 2 or 3. 

With our 12 months subscription you will also get access to our new mum program so you can keep the results going.

What are you waiting for? ​

Convenient options to suit your needs

You also get exclusive access to

Stretch And Relax

Healthy Recipes

Challenge Section

Technique Section

Pelvic floor exercises are great for helping facilitate labour, make it easier for your muscles to stretch when they need to & relax when they need to.

What are you waiting for?

Our program is designed to get your pelvic floor and core working to stop your leakage, have the core you have always wanted without the mummy tummy and be free to exercise how ever you want to.

Hi I'm Mel

Frustrated with the lack of education and advice for pregnant women and mum’s, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Using my clinical pilates experience along with my pelvic floor education and training I designed a program to help women find their pelvic floor, teach them what it feels like, and strengthen it.


Recap of what you get...

  • Results in as little as 3 exercises/day
  • Exercise from the comfort of your own home
  • Your Ultimate Pelvic Floor Guide
  • Pregnancy Exercise Guide so you know what’s safe for you & your baby
  • Customised notifications so you never miss a workout again
  • Save your favourite exercises
  • Free trial – then 1 month, 3 months or 12 month options to meet your needs
  • Expert physio advice to help you feel confident through your pregnancy & labour.
  • Pilates style exercises
  • All programs have access to stretching & relaxation, healthy recipes for a healthy lifestyle, challenge & technique sections.


The simple fact that you are pregnant does place extra pressure on your pelvic floor muscles which makes them prone to dysfunction. The trauma during birth also places you at a higher risk of pelvic floor dysfunction. Prevention is always best hence starting a pregnancy pelvic floor strength program like Perfect Pelvic Floor will set you up for a great labour and a faster recovery.

Absolutely! We have tailored our PPF strength system for pregnancy for each week of trimester 2 and 3 with a different focus for your body as your needs change. All with the ultimate goal of helping you prepare for labour positions by strengthening your pelvic floor and your legs, breath work and preparing your pelvic floor to recover faster after labour.

For best results do your pelvic floor exercises everyday! Simple short exercises everyday to work on the endurance of your pelvic floor muscles will give you the fastest results. Then 3 times/week to complete our full body pregnancy session which has a huge emphasis on pelvic floor strength in different positions that you will need once your baby arrives. 

If you exercise your pelvic floor muscles with focus and intention everyday you will feel a difference within 2 weeks! As your pregnancy progresses it’s even more important to continue with your pelvic floor exercises because your body is changing and under more load! The more pelvic floor exercises you can do late in your pregnancy the easier it will be to get these muscles going again after labour. 


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