Pelvic Floor Exercises for Mums

What are the easiest options for pelvic floor exercises for mums? we know you’re tired, don’t have much time, typically have a bit of baby brain and are sick of having this bulging stomach and leakage. After seeing mums in the clinic as a physio for over 12 years here are my quickest and most effective pelvic floor exercises. 

First of all how do you even find your pelvic floor?
Well the simple version is focussing on your vaginal walls closing and lifting up inwards. Like you have a straw inserted. The part where you have to concentrate is to relax your stomach, buttock and leg muscles while doing the exercises.Lucky for you I have a video to talk you through how to find your pelvic floor here.

Quick and Effective Pelvic Floor Exercises: 

  1. Pulses – fast on and off of the muscles you can do in bed, while feeding, where ever you are just to get your muscles working again. 8 reps and up to 3-4 times/day. Video Here
  2. Endurance exercise – this is by the far the best exercise however it does require a little more focus than the pulses. Breathe in, squeeze and lift your pelvic floor muscles (when they contract they will close the vaginal walls and lift inward) then breathe all the way out while maintaining your contraction. Relax your muscles and repeat. 8 of these in the morning and 8 at night. 

Whether you’re a new mum or you have older children, you still need to have a strong pelvic floor. No one should have to put up with leakage, feeling their stomach bulge out or not feeling like themselves anymore. That’s not why you became a mum. 

If you’re struggling to get your muscles working or need more of a routine to stick to then take a look at our Lose Your Baby Belly program, it’s easy and so effective at stopping your leakage, reducing your prolapse and can make you feel strong and tight. Did I also mention an added benefit of getting rid of your baby belly and reducing your abdominal separation. It’s perfect if you have children up to 5 years old. 


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