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Pelvic Floor Exercises During Pregnancy Images

Use these images below to get started on your pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy. If you know how to activate them during pregnancy it can help prepare you for labour and make it easier to strengthen them after birth. 

Pelvic Floor Anatomy: as you can see the pelvic floor muscles are shaped like a sling running from your pubic bone to your tail bone. They enclose your vagina, urethra and your anus. Their job is to help close off these openings and to keep your internal organs lifted. 

Pelvic Floor Pulses. This is one of the best exercises to start with, quick contractions of just your pelvic floor muscles squeezing closed and lifting. For full video instructions click here

The Knack Exercise: Great for helping your body learn to activate your pelvic floor muscles before downward pressure inside. Eg cough, sneeze laugh etc. For full video instructions click here

Hip Opening Exercise: this is where your muscles are working while you’re doing something else. Moving into the phase 2 of your exercises. For full video instructions click here 

Sitting Leg Lifts: This is slightly harder again where you are working your pelvic floor and deeper core muscles on an unstable base. For full video instructions click here


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